Are you one of the lucky people to have purchased tickets for this fantastic musical event which takes place over 5 nights at the end of June .If this is so then why not hire a campervan for you and your friends instead of roughing it on a tent floor then at least it keeps a bit of the mud off you.
Pick your campervan up from our Bristol Airport depot which is just over an hour away from Worthy Farm, home to the Glastonbury Festival where thousands of people flock each year to see headline acts and up and coming new artists.
Our campervans are ideal for Glastonbury, they sleep from 1 to 4 people with an electric pop up roof. They have ample enough luggage space for your rucksacks , boots and all your festival bits.

Festival Tips
When you reach the festival in your campervan, it will not take more than a couple of hours for the beautiful lively landscape to become thick with mud as everybody walks through. This means in turn if you want to travel anywhere on the site, you will probably have to battle significant mud, it is always best to bring wellies along with you and a lot of bin liners along for the ride.
The organisers of Glastonbury will not allow you to bring in glass bottles onto the site even in your campervan, simply in case they smash in the grass and cause harm due to the fact that the grounds of Glastonbury is a working farm for the rest of the year. So ensure that you empty any glass bottles into plastic containers to be able to avoid having anything confiscated, being given fines or even being asked to leave the event.
Put enough fuel in your campervan to get you at least half way back to your drop off destination when you are ready for home due to the amount of time it will take for you to get off the site and to fill up at the local filling stations in the Glastonbury area.

If you would like to book a camper van for Glastonbury then contacts us here on 01942 778899.