So you decide to hire your Campervan for a week, or maybe a lot longer, in Scotland and have to decide your priorities. So many choices of where to take the Campervan in Scotland – hills, islands, cities and lakes, sorry lochs! Drive up to Edinburgh to collect your Easirent Campervan and then get ready to enjoy your Scotland experience.

Well how about the first destination for your Scotland loch experience being Loch Ness (with apologies to Loch Lomond of course) because your campervan will love being in this mysterious place with the chance of Nessie looking at you when you are at the fantastic campsite by the loch itself.

Hire your Campervan from Easirent in Edinburgh and then have a lovely drive up through Aviemore and Inverness on the A9 (a proper road by the way) to get to the top of the loch and start the adventure. Scotland roads are great to drive on as they are well maintained and quieter than many you will have experienced and the major centres have great links – A9 being a fine example up the east coast.

Scotland and campervans are a match made in heaven and you can enjoy the freedom it will give you in this beautiful country and get close up to places you have heard about but not yet enjoyed like Loch Ness.

The Loch is campervan friendly with fantastic space right by the water itself (not that close obviously) which gives a greater chance of a Nessie sighting. While there you can get a boat across the loch safe in the knowledge that your lovely warm campervan will be there for your comfort when your expedition is done.

Give Easirent a call to start your Scotland campervan adventure, you will want to come back many times as there is so much to see and Loch Ness is just the start.

At Easirent Preston we also allow our Campervans to leave the UK so if you’re planning an international journey then do not hesitate to call Easirent to arrange your hire. We have a free phone number 0800 688 9869 to make booking a vehicle easy and convenient.