Here at Easicampers Edinburgh Campervan hire we have complied Some tips to help your booking go smoothly when looking for your perfect holiday in a Campervan.


Insurance companies have age restrictions, anyone under 25 years or over 75 years old may be excluded from standard insurance cover. If you need a second driver check what the extra cost will be as only one driver as standard is covered.

Before you hire a motorhome. Check what the insurance covers. As you will probably find it covers the motorhome but not your belongings. It would be advisable to buy travel insurance for your personal belongings.

Check if there is someone you can contact, should you need help with the operation of the vehicle or you have any problems. Double check it’s not just Mon-Fri and 9-5! Because at the end of the day problems can happen at any time.

Find out about breakdown cover and who it’s with especially if you are hiring an older campervan. Before you hire a camper van , Check there is no mileage restrictions or places you can’t travel with the camper van, a lot of hire companies don’t allow you to travel outside the UK and if they do they will all most certainly charge a surcharge .

Check what’s included in the package so you know what you need to pack i.e. bedding, BBQ, outdoor table and chairs, these can be costly to hire or buy. Ask for a copy of your rental agreement and read through it thoroughly before signing and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Check what documentation you will require when you collect camper van and double check you have everything, better to take too much if in any doubt about what you need.

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